The Whisky Day is the event dedicated to the spirits of corn, whiskey and whiskey.

The event is the natural consequence of the careful observation of the beverage market, especially that of whisky whose dynamics are distinctly different from those of other spirits. In addition to this focus, attention must be paied to the dynamics of the world of mixology, always constantly changing and very often protagonist of cyclic events.

Considerations which led to the organization of a different event, away from the concept of exclusivity typical of the collecting world, that has completely different reference models. The Whisky Day, in fact, draws attention to those spirits that can give a new impetus to the world of bartending, today more and more focused on all of the high-end products, not so much because of their placement but rather for their sensorial profile.

The Malt&Grain Experience strengthens the will to respond to the specific needs of the sector: on the one hand companies, from producers to importers and distributors, who need to win new market shares, to the other professional pratictioners, always looking for news. The Whisky Day is therefore able to fit into an always evolving scenario as that of the modern mixology.

The event is spread through the perfect model of sharing and exchange among, one side, the companies, that take part at the event as a good opportunity to present their products and find new contacts; to the other side professional pratictioners, who consider it as the perfect time to make sharing and deepen themes closely related to their professions, also thanks to present brands.

The Whisky Day thus becomes an important opportunity for development and growth, animated in a charmful space where tasting desks, conference rooms for tastings and led discussions, bars and activities drive the audience back in time, to discover the origins of the Malt&Grain Experience.